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We will go through the process with you from start to finish.

Research & Analyze

Research is an integral part of any campaign or project. You must examine the overall strategy chosen and integrate it into the different components of any project or campaign coherently and logically. Effectively addressing the research problem constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data.

Concept & Sketch

Concept art helps to convey the look, feel and mood of a design idea. It is used to capture and convey the overall design vision of a project before anything goes into production, versus trying to express everything in specific terms at the very beginning of design development. This is a process used by the designer before showing the first draft to the client.

Design & Brand

Brand design is the process of crafting a brand’s visual identity by creating a unified system of design elements like logos, colours, typography, illustration, photography and user experience. A brand’s visual identity is the aesthetic embodiment of its positioning and personality. Good visual identity will arouse the senses of your target audience. This will create the power of call-to-action on the product or service you provide.

Market & Advertise

Your campaigns are now visible to your target audience. Based on your budget, it will be across all platforms you require in order to achieve the best response to your campaign. In basic terms, marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and determining how best to meet those needs. In contrast, advertising is the exercise of promoting a company and its products or services through paid channels.